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Hi there! Welcome to the blog. You will find beautiful images from all different kinds of sessions as well as more personal stories about me!

Hi, I'm Mandy

Calling – Big MMDP Update!

Dec 12, 2021

This image, taken by the close friend mentioned in this post, is so special to me. It makes me feel confident and powerful: like nobody can break the bond between me and my family.

Ever since this summer, I have had what I can only describe as a “tugging” on my heart. I would even describe it like a feeling of angst. All I could identify was that it was a powerful pull to do something with and for the domestic violence community. As a spiritual person, most days I would ask, “Why now? What do I need to learn about this calling? What do I need to do about the angst I feel? What do I do with this passion I feel…of how misunderstood this community is?”

Over the last few months, with these questions tumbling around in my brain, I have also been having the complicated conversations with business minds about needing to raise my prices. One day, I was talking to a close friend about these two exact things. In the last few weeks, I couldn’t tell you which dilemma was louder. They both felt like dilemmas (prices and DV community), and they were both loud. This friend was encouraging my price raise, reminding me that it was time to make money, instead of just putting every dollar right back into this business.

But what she said that day, all of a sudden unleashed the pressure in my head and all the questions, that had been swirling for MONTHS, had clear and concise answers. “As you raise prices, I am sure you will have moments where you feel called to gift a session here and there.” Thats all she said – speaking to my guilt ridden, helper heart.

So let me give you a little glimpse into the ideas that came rushing to me in an instant. For reasons powerful enough to bring me to my knees 🙏, I have a heart to support and encourage women surviving/escaping domestic violence. I feel called to educate fellow humans in my life (read *men*) on the coercive ways that woman can get trapped into emotional, physical and financial abuse. I just can’t sit quiet on this topic – hence this angst I have felt.

Now for the new business model: Paying customers in 2022 (and hopefully beyond), will make it possible for me to gift, private and safe, sessions for mothers and their children who have experienced domestic violence. I have dreams that include inclusive client wardrobe closets to empowering women to find their strength and take back their bodies. I believe these images are going to be much more than just images. They will be reminders of heavenly birthright, strength and power. They will give control back to the woman who felt they have lost theirs. These sessions will be moments where the hearts of women used to just surviving, will feel for a moment what it feels like to be thriving.


  1. Kate Vandermast says:

    You’re such a wonderful person Mandy. 🤍✨ what a wonderful thing you’re doing.

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