I have been serving mothers and families for almost twenty years as a professional nanny, doula and photographer. 
As a mother myself, I am so acutely aware of how fast time moves and the importance of having those once in a lifetime memories saved. I shoot lifestyle photography, meaning my goal is to freeze these important moments in your lives. I love to capture the small details and personality of your family as I have realized how fleeting these moments really are. 
I have a heart for the community of women who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence. Starting in 2022, all paying families will help fund sessions for mothers needing to reclaim some of their power. 

Overall, I would be described as having a calm and peaceful demeanor that I will gently bring to every session. My goal is to make sure that you feel seen and beautiful as you blossom into a family. 

Hello! I am Mandy. Your new friend and photographer! 

Behind the Camera

Hi, I'm Mandy!

With the purchase of our first home, came the obsession with house plants. They are (mostly) still alive!

Aspiring Plant Lady


Don't make me choose! I was raised visiting my grandma on the coast but have found a deep love for the peace of the mountains

Lover of mountains and oceans


I love all things birth related. But I love nothing more than my husband and two little boys!

Unapologetic Birthy Lady


mother . wife . believer . empath . advocate


the portfolio


Ready for more pretty? 

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