Sibling Contract

 Mandy Marie Doula, LLC

Letter of Agreement: Sibling Labor Doula

Involving your older children in the labor process is a such a beautiful and natural concept.   Children tend to do well in this environment if they have an advocate that is specifically present to make sure their physical and emotional needs are met. It has been my experience that children like to take part in the labor support process as long as they have the freedom to leave when they need to and come back when they’re ready.  A sibling doula exceeds the capabilities of a babysitter in that they are helping to foster a beautiful transition for your child(ren) into welcoming a new family member. As a trained labor doula, and former nanny, I arrive at births ready to handle whatever situation arises.

Services include:

  • On call for your birth 24/7 starting two weeks before and ending two weeks after your estimated due date.

  • At least one 1hr consultation to meet with your older child(ren) to get acquainted and make them feel more comfortable. Ideally this works best at around 37/38 weeks.

  • Assistance with integration techniques to help ready your little one for another little one.  This process can start as early as you wish and works best with repetition.

    • i.e birthing videos, books, and talking points

  • Care and emotional support for your older child(ren) for up to 24 hours of labor. Additional hours can be purchased for $30 an hour past the first 24.

    • Entertaining, feeding, teaching, and visiting parents in the labor area for as much interaction as you’re comfortable with.

  • Tailor conversations about what is unfolding to the older sibling(s) age and developmental level

  • Help them to have space from the labor area if they start to feel overwhelmed or frightened.

  • Assistance with introductions to the new baby after birth (doula can provide pictures of this meeting, if interested).

  • I am also available to give your partner a break to visit with the older sibling(s), and step into a labor support role.(As I am a certified labor doula as well)


  • $750 + hourly rate of $30 after first 24hrs

  • Fee due at pre labor consultation with a 50% deposit at contract signing.

Fee Agreement for services described above:

__$750_ Total fee

__$375 Deposit made at signing of contract(50% of total fee)

__$375 Remainder of fee to be paid at pre labor consultation

**if the doula does not attend your birth due to circumstances within  her control, your entire fee will be returned. This can include situations where you call the doula with ample time, but for some emergency reason she doesn’t answer or respond, and arrive within 2 hours.

**if the doula does not attend your birth due to not being called in a timely manner, an exceptionally  fast birth, or reasons out of the doulas control, the fee will be retained by the doula with no refund.




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I have read and understand the service agreement as a binding contract between myself and Mandy Marie Doula and Photography

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